Seekardia offers workshops for entire organizations and trainings for small groups on the following:

Inclusivity of LGBTQ people.  Explore what it means to be an open organization where all employees/members can thrive regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity/expression.

Workplace Bullying.  Address the silent crisis.  Workplace bullying can happen to anyone, not just an individual who is part of a protected class.  Explore the following:

  • What bullying is and what it is not
  • Financial cost of bullying to a workplace
  • Affects of bullying on employees' health
  • Impacts of bullying on witnesses

Request a service and learn about costs by contacting or calling 608-469-5836

Working with Businesses and Nonprofits

Additional Workplace Bullying Resources

Workplace Bullying Institute - "Work Shouldn't Have to Hurt."

Jessi Eden Brown - Jessi is an experienced, licensed psychotherapist with a private practice in Seattle, WA. As the Professional Coach and former Administrator of the Workplace Bullying Institute, Jessi has earned national recognition as a counselor-expert in the area of workplace bullying. She works with +350 clients per year through professional counseling and coaching services offered in the U.S. and worldwide.  Visit Jessi’s website to learn more:

Wisconsin Healthy Workplace Advocates - advocating to pass legislation on workplace bullying

Differently abled and Bullying (Cerebral Palsy) -


Additional LGBTQ Resources

Out and Equal (LGBT people in the workplace)

Human Rights Campaign

Seekardia offers Consultations and Trainings on the following:

Governance and strategic planning.  Address the spoken and unspoken expectations of your board and staff, and learn to improve working relationships and focus.

The time in between executive directors.  Learn what it means to access the skills of the right interim director to help you prepare for the best long-term director to execute the mission of your organization.

Build a team in which all members are free to be themselves.  Prepare for the next generation!

Working with Nonprofits