Christians who are rooted in the Reformation and who may clearly or loosely identify as Protestant and may identify as catholic with a small "c."

Protestant continued



Not Self-Identified as Christian:


Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations
Inclusivity of LGBT people interweaved in religious organization.


Not Self-Identified as Protestant: 

Church of Latter Day Saints (Mormon)

Not all religions or denominations listed below completely support LGBT people in policy. Several of the religious institutions that have policies to encourage full acceptance of their members regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity/expression include individual places of worship that do not celebrate everyone. However, within the varying degrees of openness embodied by the religions listed, all of the religious sites offer support and resources for LGBT people within their faith traditions.  The Abrahamic religions fuel a large percentage of discrimination against queer people in the United States and perhaps in the world.  They also are sources of spiritual depth and ancient wisdom.  LGBT people are in a particular position in history to separate cultural bias from theological truth and point to human liberation within and through our traditions.

Eastern Orthodox



Jewish Mosaic
National Center for Sexual and Gender Diversity

Wrestling with God and Men
Rabbi Steven Greenberg (Orthodox tradition)

Jewish GLBT List - Jewish Book Council
Jewish Book Council - General site

Supporting LGBT Jews and their families 
in the Orthodox community

Roman Catholic

Safra Project
Resource for LBT Muslim Women

A Jihad for Love
A documentary film about LGBT Muslims

The Trouble with Islam 
by Irshad Manji (lesbian, Muslim, & reformer)

LGBT Muslims & Their Allies
Facebook Page