What are they saying about Cindy's presentations?

        This was an excellent workshop.  General information related to coping strategies was excellent.  The presenter could not have been better."

Carolyn Morris, Case Manager​​ 

Cindy has had articles about bullying, discrimination, and social justice published in The Living Pulpit, Our Lives' Magazine, Minnesota Women's Press, The St. Paul Legal Ledger, and The Progressive Magazine Media Project.  She has also been interviewed by Teaching Tolerance (from the Southern Poverty Law Center), National Public Radio, CNS, and extensively by local media.
Please contact Cindy with any questions at consult@seekardia.com

        I enjoyed all of it.  I could spend hours this.  Thank You!

Amy Smith, Co-founder of Doing the Right Thing

        I loved it.  The vibes were so strong and supportive."

Sabrina Young, Youth Worker


Who is my neighbor?  It is a practical question, but also an ethical inquiry that has followed us through time.  
Who is my neighbor in the organization where I work, volunteer, or practice my religion?  
Creating and improving healthy systems build better relationships, can improve your bottom line,
and is good for the soul.  

Seekardia provides trainings and consultations to foster healthy, inclusive communities.See more.  Perceive with your mind and heart.

Hello.  I'm Cindy Crane.  I started Seekardia in 2011 building upon several years of experience I have working as an executive director of secular nonprofit agencies and as an Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) clergy.  After serving 10 years as a parish pastor, I left the ministry when I came out as a lesbian.  Before I was reinstated to the clergy roster in 2012 (the rules of the ELCA changed), my journey included working in the nonprofit world, which expanded my understanding of strategic planning, governance, fundraising, advocacy, and business.  My ventures have included heading an LGBTQ organization that addressed school bullying (for any reason) and LGBTQ issues, leading workshops for businesses and engaging with public policy. Along with a BA in English and advanced degree in theology, I have taken continuing education in family and general mediation, effective interim leadership, and also an intensive training at the Workplace Bullying Institute.  

I thrive on engaging with a variety of professionals to lead workshops and conferences and initiating projects that help unearth and address barriers to building healthy inclusive communities.  Seekardia has a broad network of colleagues I draw upon for their wisdom and skills.